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Added: March 31, 2011 | Runtime: 20:30 | 150 Photos
Venus loves the penis, that is for shit sure. I feel bad for her Upper Shoulder Boulder Holder, aka Bra, 'cause it has to be under a lot of pressure all day. In other words, bitch got sum big ass titties. She also has some mad skillz on the ol' flesh flute. Playing the tune of licking, sucking, spiting, tickling, which is always a good song for the hearing impared cock head. Venus, at one point, even said sucking cock was "dynamite." After some super head, the dude was ready to pop, so she sat on her plump behind. Venus was ready for her eats. She played with it and was glad to swallow. She downing it like a whore champ... Cheers Venus the Ghetto Princess.

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