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Taylor Starr

Added: June 9, 2010 | Runtime: 22:06 | 226 Photos
Taylor Starr looks like she was staring at something on the bridge of her nose all day. I kept asking myself, "Self? Wtf is she looking at?" Then I realized she has a trick eye. No whore is perfect. Some have buck teeth, some are obese, some have a trick eye. The most important thing is that they have a mouth, a pussy and an asshole. Because afterall, you may drive a hoopdee, but if it gets your ass to work that's really all that matters. Despite her off appearance, she sucked a mean dick, and swallowed every drop. She really appreciated the opportunity to suck on a white cock for a change. When she swallowed it, her eyes straightened for a brief second and then they went back to, well, I guess normal, if you call that normal.

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