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Runtime: 168 Photos, 14 min of video

Sharea is a true hoodrat making her way out of the gutter to the Ebony Cum Dumps studio. She was excited that she got to ride on an airplane for the first time. Now, she's going to chug down a fat white cock and eat its creamy filling. She admitted that she doesn't blow many white people. I figured as much since we tend to try not to live in the hood. She bragged about how awesome her dick sucking skills were, but Red offered a different opinion. She was so-so. Well, at least she wasn't a fat ghetto hog. At the end, Big Red Machine dumped his spunk in her mouth. She fucking HATES the taste of cum... so that made it interesting. Watching her drool the load into the cup and re-eat the jizz was hilarious. Then, down to the stomach it went.

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