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Ebony Cum Dumps » Saraya

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Runtime: 155 Photos, 12 min of video

Saraya has some ginormous Jamaican Jugs. Other than that, pretty much a fail, but she is a first timer. She started out shaking the crosseyed mounds of lard to and fro. Then down to her well oiled knees. As far as blowjobs go she left a lot to be desired. She put the cock in at first and gave some phantom head, meaning it looked like head, but in reality she was just hovering her mouth over the cock. Bitch you better wrap them jive turkey lips around the cock and do some work. Why bother trying to fake the funk, we are all about the real deal, the essence and art of the knob job. So keep it real up in the field... Aight. So finally she did enough to get a load outta the stunt cock. Then played with the ball honey and swallowed it. Saraya then licked the cup like it was her favorite plate of food, and she LOVES food. So Saraya you ought to step up your work ethic, you have been exposed. I judge you on the content of your character... You fail...Cheers.

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