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Added: September 16, 2010 | Runtime: 22:01 | 269 Photos
I think you can get a Mochalicious at your local coffee shop, but we found this one by the tracks. She is 18 and only a few knife wounds on her so far, so not too much wear & tear. She shall be M for the rest of this description, there's no fucking way I'm writing that ridiculous name out again. Anyway, M had a nice bubbly personality, she was actually cool... for a hoe. She had an awesome tight, teen, no-kids body with some cute firm titties. M knows how to suck a dick all proper like: Sloppy, sensual, and some speed at times. M was having fun playing with the load, and was eager to swallow. So all in all... Mochalicious was Dynomite. (Fuck I wrote it again... DOH)

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