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Added: April 7, 2011 | Runtime: 14:11 | 121 Photos
Kiandra is a 19 year old cocksucker in the mental vegetable state of life. If breathing wasn't an automatic function she would forget about it. Who cares about that, we have a 19 year old first timer ready to suck the ol' flesh flute. That's all that matters when all is said and done. So ghetto daddies keep not doing your duty, so we can film for years to come. Kiandra might be new to the industry, but not new to cock. She took to it like a pimp to his money. Kiandra has some finely tuned mouth skills and didn't fuck up the end. So all in all, she did pretty well for her first time. So raise a glass and give cheer, and whiten your teeth you fucking hoe.

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