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Jessica James

Added: June 23, 2011 | Runtime: 10:25 | 131 Photos
Jessica has just been through hell from her shoot for Ghetto Gaggers. Now, we're asking her to drop to her knees one more time, suck more cock and swallow cum. She's not a happy camper, one bit. She's totally spent and just wants to go home, cry and forget this night ever happened. Maybe I'm fucked in the head, but that's funny to me. It was her choice to sell her mouth and pussy, so that's that. I will say this for Jessica James... she's fucking hot. If she wasn't so dumb, she could do other things with her life but so be it. Chuck slid his cock in and out of her warm mouth and then busted a load. She never swallows cum in her personal life, so this must have been a real treat. One more small way to degrade and humiliate this dumb bitch. Ahh... the lessons life teaches.

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