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Jayme Jewelz

Added: November 4, 2010 | Runtime: 17:44 | 198 Photos
Jayme Family Jewelz got all did up for her glamorous swallow porno. Look how she matched her eye shadow with her pink plastic earrings... that's classy. Justin threw her on her back to inspect the goods. It's all about some quality control. Stuck the jiggle stick into her catcher's mitt, and hit that clit. She was wiggling like a fish outta water, got off a few times. Then it was onto more familiar territory, on her knees to please. Jayme has callouses on her knees with all the experience sucking cock she has under her weave. Once the dick enter her mouth she started sounding like a human beat box. She was making all kinds of noises on the ding dong. She could really suck a schlong. So well, that the dude couldn't last that long and fills her mouth with her well earned fruit of her labor. Jayme playfully played with the nut nectar and swallowed it.

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