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Runtime: 19 min of video

It's Deja Moo all over again, or is that Voja De? Either way, here's Deja in her first ever swallow movie. Deja pretty much pulled her flapjacks out and got on her knees. Then it was time to show off her skills she acquired from other knobbers from the past. Knowledge builds on knowledge and Professor Red had class in session. It was an oral exam... Would she pass?... DOM DOM DOM. No real suspense here it's just a blow job, but she did it well. Deja enveloped the cock in her mouth, kept it wet, poppin, licking, and stimulated all the way threw. Red pushed her head a few times and got a bit of ghetto goulash outta her, you know in order to make room for her first batch of man chowder. Deja played with her food first, then down her gullet for the tadpoles to swim in her crop & gizzards. Good Job Deja... Cheers.

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