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Chocolate Haze

Added: August 11, 2011 | Runtime: 13:21 | 163 Photos
Another Ghetto Cyborg, that's what these Ebony broads remind me of when they be wearing crazy ass contacts. It gave Chocolate Haze a glazed eyed look, like she set herself on Whore Mode Autopilot. Some of these bitches have sucked so much cock they can work on an assembly line. Bobbing for one cock to the next without flinching or blinking. Well seasoned chicken heads. So with that said, which if it's your cock at least you know you won't have to teach her. Just get to work Hoe! Sucking, popping, spitting, licking, and for once in your life your allowed to play with your food. Without some fat overweight momma yelling at you. Rinse and Repeat Hoe... the World is full of penis to be purged of some demon semen. Help the Cause!... Cheers.

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