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Runtime: 259 Photos, 30 min of video

There is enough chocolate in this scene to give you diabetes. It started out with the hood's finest playing with each other. At first, they were a bit unfamiliar with each other, because they've only met 5 minutes before. Typically, when we have two broads, they're friends and it's more of a Dog & Pony Show. Meaning they go around doing the same shit everywhere... not in this case. We just had one too many hoes knocking at the door. So we wanted to see how it would unfold. Some vibrator action, fondling, kissing, licking, and onto sharing a cock. The only thing better than having a broad spit shine your helmet is having two broads doing it. Now that's fucking team work. After getting the dude into the ball park, he blasted it into the younger cuter one's mouth. They proceeded to snowball that load back and forth then finally swallowing it, and sealed with a kiss... Peace out! It's a good one.

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